We claim: Networking is the way to success.

Let's prove this statement!

We have to explain?

Okay, we do. Individual fighters do not make it to the top. That is why we rely on personal contact and teamwork to convey knowledge. And on a proper faculty equipment.


Seit es digital gibt, sind alle großen Innovationen digital.

Ich welcher Welt leben wir? Hier hast Du ein paar Beispiele!

A whole lot speaks for us.

Some facts from our faculty show the enormous competence of our department. Du siehst also wir haben ein enormes Wissen angehäuft und können Dir die besten akademische Ausbildung bieten.
21 Departments

on Computer Science, Automation Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering

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25 Years

of experience since its foundation in 1990 and with roots to the 1950s

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1.300 Students

as well as 130 employees and 19 professors have their academic home here

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10 Study courses

are offered by our department - 4 Bachelor and 6 Master courses


Study what is relevant.

At our TU you will be Bachelor of Science. Or Master of Science. This sounds not so bad.
But this is only a degree. Much more exciting is another fact:
78% of our students already have a fix job bagged before they finish their graduation.
This shows: Your future starts with us!

Living at the TU Ilmenau

Where do you live in Ilmenau and what do you do in your spare time?
The rents in Ilmenau are about 6 euros per square meter. This is very favorable in the federal average. At the same time the way to the university are very short. Besides studying, there is a historically grown and established club culture right on campus. In addition, there are countless student-led societies representing various interests. We connect not only your knowledge but also you!

Das sagen unsere Studierenden.

Wir haben genug gesagt. Lassen wir unsere Studierenden zu Wort kommen.

Wähle Deinen Studiengang.

Nun bist Du an der Reihe. Bis zum nächsten Wintersemester!
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